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    1. Thorne is an internet bully and scoundrel who skillfully plays at legal edges of libel. Experts on the law deplore what he does but it’s generally conceded there’s little chance of a successful case against him.

  1. Ya, I remember an email exchange like this I saw years ago with the same name David Thorne. It was about someone asking him to make a poster for her lost cat. Funny stuff, but pretty sure this is just made up for comedic reasons.

    1. Victims don’t find it the least bit funny. It can mean job loss by employers who are either old geezers who don’t understand internet culture, pranking, and spoofing, or other employers who can’t afford the bad publicity it might bring on a company who has a thus-defamed worker on board.

  2. For whatever reason people don’t consider graphic design to be real work. Whether this is real or not, it is a very realistic situation for designers. “Work for me today, and maybe I’ll pay you someday!!”

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