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    1. The expression is like all the quantum states representing an infinity of one-liners that could be returned from her statement, but not actually committed to any one of them.

  1. They know exactly what they’re doing when they write those questions, they were begging for someone to say it. WTH else do you pull out besides a dick, a car, a gun or a drawer?!?

  2. Dear Ambrosia
    That Ni.gger Cunt said pull out your car.. From her pussy. You said pull out your Cock… From your ass.. WRONG……….

    1. @Doralingis
      I bet you that Steve Harvey Head will fit just right up your ass. Without Lube…

      Dear Ambrosia
      Thank you for being on my side…. Doralingis can be a BITCH….

    2. I knew you didn’t mean anything bad against me, Amb. You just need a hug. I’ll vibrate if you hug me.

  3. this show should be called dumb and dumber, Its just a bunch of stereotypical american idiots, and its almost always fat black on one side and whites on the other

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