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  1. You can’t blame the nlgger for being a nlgger. The funny thing is nlggers think Applebee’s is a high class establishment.

    1. hay rob , time to put this racist bitch in her place,shes got some nerve to call someone wetback,white trash,

    2. This is all very simple. Kristy here is probably short for Kristisha or some other variation of incoherent nlgger-blabber voiced loudly during a voodoo ceremony while its mammy shat it out of her body, and the name stuck. Don’t pay any attention. It, like all lip-disc African raindancers, is just chimping out. Ever see a chimp’s reaction when it it feels threatened? It goes berzerk. Nlggers do not respond to emotional stimuli the same way we humans do. They have very primitive reactions. You have to be understanding of this. Guys, you have to respect animals. Sure they’re fun to point at and make fun of, especially when they are so incredibly dumb and silly like the nlgger, but you have to treat this species with particular care just like you would an alligator, a lion or a shark. Sure you can swim with sharks, but there is usually a professional handler around who has studied them and will keep you safe. the only safe place for nlggers is the zoo, and since clearly they have been set free as wild apes free to run in our streets where human women and children are, they’re very dangerous! They’re vicious animals. Look at them, make fun of them, but don’t expect them act or be human. Always keep in mind that you are dealing with wild beasts and treat them with the respect such natural killers deserve. I mean come on! They’re dumb enough to pay for meals with $1 trillion bills. Do you really need to know anything else? That’s called stupid to a dangerous level.

    1. So…you’re upset that he’s racist against black people, so you’re going to teach him a lesson by calling him hispanic racial slurs? You’re an idiot.

  2. Ahh, don’t worry buddy! After Obama’s done with the dollar you’ll get to pay your Applebee’s tab with a 1 trillion dollar bill!

  3. @Doralingis. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL… I didn’t know Applebee’s Allow Ni.ggers in….. DAMN!!! What is this world coming too….

  4. Only an american would think this would work, Im surprised the waitress didnt fall for it, fucking retards

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