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  1. She is trolling those potatos. Not because they play games. Because they play WRONG games – clicking for childish idiots. On the other hand, hard games like flight/racing simulators are sexy. I like playing IL-2 Sturmovik and my boyfriend says the joystick control is good for handjob technique.

  2. She has no power there because I wasn’t there… I have “The Power Stroke” …… All you Woman’s haters go fuck yourself…. Yes!! You to Doralingis…..

    1. Yeah, it’s a good thing you weren’t there. You’d have tried to shove a poor little hummingbird up her ASS-O and film birthing video.

    2. @Doralingis
      Sorry My cock is for Woman’s only… But there are many FAGS who is willing to Marry an Ni.gger Drag Queen…Let’s hope you find a FAG with a Baseball Bat size Cock…

  3. Maybe she is their sister? Besides, when you get pussy all the time it’s not a big deal. The pussy is always there to be had.

    1. Seems weird their sister would just be standing there in her bra and panties like that. I sure as hell never did that with my brothers.

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