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  1. Way to pick’em epicfail. Here we have, well for the sake of this comment let’s go ahead and call her a “mom” (although that would not be my first choice). Here’s “mom” teaching her kid how to mimic the tendencies of the lowest and dumbest form of scum on earth – celebrities. I’m sure “mom” here curses the idiots dressing up their kids in tiaras and dresses to then prance around aging pedophiles, but making her 4 year-old learn that useless ass-spit stars should be idolized and their slap-in-the-face price tag arrogant-wear reproduced by and worn on her child. Seems to me like ole “mom” here has the sense of a billy goat, which however is still more sense than any given celebrity. I’ll give her that. Why don’t you try a game that teaches math or history or something productive that won’t catapult your child’s innocent ambitions to follow a class of people that sit somewhere between trilobite and amoeba. If nothing else, let her mimic something that has class and taste, not classless waste. Stupid bitch.

    1. I was going to rant about how shitty this site has gotten over the past few months but you’re strong opinion makes me think that we’re being trolled with garbage. This is the shit my fiancĂ© looks at on her pintrist. Please fire the reason this site has this heartfelt shit on it… For your fans… Fire them.

  2. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You cunts STILL haven’t added BOTH tags. Don;t you fucking get it yet? Just because YOU think tings are a WIN or FAIL doesn’t mean that WE DO. You have NO fucking spine at all. You don;t WANT to know what people think because then you would have to change your liberal world view. You are the lowest form of cunt.

  3. Although I can praise the creativity and talent of the mother here (those paper dresses are stunningly well done!), I am still uncomfortable with most of them. I feel they are not age-appropriate, and most of them are meant to sexualize their wearer – which makes me uneasy when done on a 4-year old. I don’t wish to bash the mother like other commenters have, I think she just didn’t see it that way.

  4. QUIT POSTING THIS CRAP! No One CARES for it! Ewww….cute little kid, paper dresses…. Stick to what you USED TO BE good at!

    1. Sure am proud of myself. I’ve been to jail more than anyone else in my family. One day, I aspire to make it to prison. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

    2. @elbastardo
      So your proud of yourself… Giving Head and getting Ass Fuck in jail..You going to be very happy when you go to prison…..
      Find a good pimp you be making money..

  5. Oh my god those who immediatly thinks about pedophilia what’s wrong with you??! I only see a mom and a daughter having fun And stop thinking that she’ll be a stupid bitch just because she is playing I haven’t become a whore even if I played with Barbies , I don’t want children even if my family bought me baby dolls and the list can be looong but I hope you know what I mean

  6. OK lol so I see from reading the other comments that it’s not just me being an old fart thinking this is…weird, at best. Encouraging creativity in a child is all well and good – but how about getting her a sketch pad – or an easel and paints, or things to sculpt with or something else along that line, and encouraging HER creativity, rather than using the kid like a living paper doll that mom can dress up? NO WAY I believe that kid made the dresses, that’s all mom – and frankly, it’s creepy.

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