She Was Too Busy Laughing To Realize Her Friend Died Twice


People Fail

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  1. 2 minutes wasted or: sorry, what were we supposed to be looking for in this clip again? a giggling gf? a hollering idiot who zones out at the end for 10 seconds?

    1. Dear Ambrosia
      Remember that first time you look at Doralingis Tiny cock…. You didn’t stop Laughing till I took out my Cock, your eyes came big than your jaw drop open… Grab my cock in two hands .. Told my Cock “Where have you been all my life…. You Suck me dry that day…..

  2. What a pussy. Dude blacked out on the way up And the way down.
    And him saying “let’s do it again” is him trying to look all tough in front of the chick who he wishes was his girlfriend, but instead, he’s in the friend zone. Wait until she watches the video and realizes what a wuss he is.

  3. Dude tuk it like a champ , didnt scream like a pussy but just had fun ad black’d out twice xD
    I bet i get laid after chik whatch video cuz he take it like a champ . And he will do her like a champ.

    1. Yeah, blacking out is so fun! I do that shit every weekend! And if I find someone that does it right along with me? Well DUH, we go at it like champs of course! On a side note, why would YOU get laid from a chick watching this video?

    2. Sure sounds like he’s screaming like a bitch to me. I mean except for the parts where he faints, because he obviously can’t keep screaming during that.

  4. did he really die twice or just black out? is it normal for you to be badly effected afterwards like that when you black out? I’m surprised it isn’t called something else nowadays, black out is very offensive (kidding)

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