Classic – Is the way to avenge a wife’s infidelity? Tattoo FAIL


People Fail


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    1. Very good point Garcia! Let’s face it, I mean how many nlggers are literally black after all? Some come in milk chocolatey baboon, like Obama and Susan Rice. Then there’s the guy who played the Somali pirate in Captain Phillips who is what I call “sunset black”. Then again, what really distinguishes the nlgger from a human? I certainly would never refer to Allen West or Elbert Guillory as nlggers. Just look at the “gotcha bitch” Project X mulatto. Now there’s a classic example of hatchlings as the result of Half-n-Half coffee spawn from experimental mating between a self esteem-less white my-uncle-fucked-me-when-I-was-6-and-I-can’t-cope white girl who under the influence of strong narcotics allowed her ovaries to be infected by monkey cum. Certainly that mammy’s no prize to human existence. And here indeed is a good example of just the type to potentially practice bestiality. Hell, for all we know the “boyfriend” is a nlgger – although I doubt it because nlggers aren’t smart or cunning enough to come up with such a clever vengeance. They just scream and bite and/or shoot. Pulling a trigger is easy, even for a groid.

      But yes, you’re absolutely spot on. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised of the tattoo represents her inner color.

      Whigger all the way!

  1. Dear Ambrosia
    Your Ex. must be a great Tattoo Artist…
    I can smell that shit…. Sorry that smell is coming from your pussy…..

  2. In case my comment, “This has been known to be a hoax for years” wasn’t clear, what I meant was this story of the revenge tattoo isn’t true. Whatever this picture is, whether it’s photoshopped or what, isn’t depicting a girl who really got a tattoo of a pile of shit on her back in any way, let alone having been tricked by her boyfriend.

  3. Idk, but i think id be able to tell if someone was tattooing a huge pile of shit on my back.. But one things for certian, that sure as hell aint no mr. Tumnis..

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