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    1. indeed. This is becoming a *cough* *cough* – Dare I say it? – *cough* … a poor man’s 9gag… there, I said it. Note that the attributive phrase “a poor man’s” means that this is well below anything I’d consider even marginally funny on the internet…

    2. I think they hired a girl or a nancy to post stuff and we’re all getting tired of their lame fucking posts. As for the photo strings, they should create threads with categories and really steal from their competition. Shits going downhill fast, might as well go down proper rather than weak wristed.

  1. 6th down looks better without. Other than that, a) the makeup industry are LIARS, and b) I agree. This site has run out of fuel. Worse every day. Epic Fail, Fail.

  2. So, as long as no one ever sees you without all that crap on your face…you’re good. Less is more and looks better than being caked on.

    1. Dear Ambrosia
      I agree with you… Put on Less Lipstick on is better for me… That’s why I alway wash my cock before I leave.. #1 way too much lipstick you used and #2 I don’t know where your mouth been……

  3. The last guy looks very much like Alice Cooper (right), but Cooper has a full ear lobe. The guy on the left, none at all. He’s comedian Steve Carell.

  4. I love how we complain about how lame this site is but just can’t help coming back. There’s something homey about it, I guess because it’s really such a simple site, and we see all the same entertaining people commenting every day, and there isn’t all this crap in our “profiles” or anything.

  5. These are horrible pictures. The girls are not pretty with or without makeup. Can you imagine (assuming you thought one of the girls with their make-up were pretty) that you met one of these at the club one night and though she was hot, only to see her in the morning one day and be horrified? I’m so lucky my wife is amazingly beautiful without any make-up and only wears a tiny bit every day (I can’t stand clown-face).


  6. It is not just makeup. Some of them have obviously developed a “makeup facial expression”. The effect of having their hair done is huge. Some of the photos are taken with very different camera settings and lighting, some are post-processed. Live, it is usually well recognizable.

    1. If by butterfly you mean a hookerfied cockroach that is both unattractive and frightfully Halloweenish, then yes, butterfly.

  7. Funny how makeup can change the color of the inner parts of the eyes… didn’t know that. Thanks for the lesson!

  8. 3,5,6, and 12 still fuckable with no makeup on. That’s how you tell a really natural woman. If you wouldn’t fuck them with no makeup on then you shouldn’t fuck them at all.

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