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  1. “I dun cayn’t be-LEEEV dis shit!” Is that Swahili chimp-scream for, “I should perhaps notify the proper authorities?”

    Well sure, the female chimp has gone nuts, but all I understood is that two primates that had previously mated are now working out their territorial issues on account of the male having had somehow infringed upon the female’s claim, and in turn the female has chimped out. Was this short documentary provided to Epicfail courtesy of Animal Planet? I think so.

    Isn’t nature amazing? It’s almost as though they’re human. Maybe just 1 million more years and they’ll be just like us.

    1. The only chimp on Epic Fail is you, Rob Nunya….And that, my disgusting, grub-eating friend, is an insult to chimps.

    2. hah, well said Jason Garcia. Rob Nunya might be the dumbest poster I’ve ever seen on the interwebs. And if that ain’t sayin somethin…

    1. So apparently Jason youve been to KKK meetings before, since you know what they are like right.

  2. The comments you see are what you may see when the comment field is headed by “ADD TROLL COMMENT”. If you can’t see that, you’re using Safari or something.

    That’s what TROLL means, and that’s what happens. A troll is a provocative comment, and a provocative comment is something that provokes someone to respond. So you respond and the Troll-dynamic cycle is satisfied, and the system returns to its Troll quantum ground-state, having emitted trollton particle (the exchange-particle corresponding to the troll-field) into cyberspace.

    1. Just sayin that she’s rather hot. Which doesn’t imply that I’m assuming that she’s a reasonable person.

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