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    1. That’s a fine time for an ambulance to happen by. I imagine their reflexes would hit code red. “Hello, Sunnyvale Happy Farm? We found one of yours… Yeah, he’s says it’s just an escape act.. Yeah…Claims his name’s Byron….”

  1. I wonder how he would have handled it if they stayed quiet.. Would he have stormed out or stayed there with his face on the floor?

  2. Apparently this was entirely staged as some kind of poorly thought out publicity stunt to promote some Canadian film students’ fundraiser to make some awful film. I’m not sure how some viral video that doesn’t mention anyone or anything involved in the thing they want to promote helps them, and I guess it didn’t as it seems their film “There I Was Stuck In Babe Land” that they are trying to fund, hasn’t even been able to reach the tiny $2000 goal and only has one day left.

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