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    1. Well, the parents should have worked out a deal with the them as soon as they kicked out the pilfering nanny.

    2. You truly are an ignorant, brainwashed fuck, spokk. Try reading a history book instead of watching the evening MSM brain-feed to power up your”knowledge” of world events. Stupid cannot be fixed, but it can be beaten.

    3. My history book is full of it. Terrible babysitting. You are proud of fucking up international relations and setting countries back by dozens of years, aren’t you? You are incredibly laughable, both person and country. But still, I was talking about BABYSITTING.

  1. Prepare for a slew of bad Russia jokes in the future. Geez, you can’t even make a good Russian reversal joke out of this.

    1. I mock all reactionaries. That is half of Americans and even larger portion of Russians. And some billions people in other countries. But those billions are rarely subject of Funny Videos On The Internet.

    2. Spokk, was that your feeble attempt at sounding “smart” and “worldly”? I mock children who want to insert their opinion of politics, the same way I mock Czechs trying to insert themselves into the world as necessary. Keep the beer flowing and shut up. Your ‘contributions’ have been well documented and so thanks for that. Now please go away and just keep the whores and beer a-flowin.

    3. Russian contribution is documented mainly on tens of millions of graves, decades lasting economic unwell of hundreths of millions and wasted opportunities of unimaginable extent. Congrats. Whole world loves you, gays.

    4. Have to agree with Rob on this one. Before the Russians colonized the Eastern Ukraine, it was full of cave dwellers, mastodons, wiggers, libtards, Neanderthals, Epic Fail upload editors (and other such really dumb people), and the usual people suffering from suspect cranial indices.

      The the Russians arrived and populated the area with the master race of those gifted with Asperger’s enlightenment and brought mathematics, Czardom, feudalism, chess addiction, vodka, plutocracy, the best H-bombs on the planet (in spite of the fact that Russian has no letter ‘H’, and a language unencumbered by articles, useless vowels and consonants, stupid nouns and phrases like ‘democracy’, ‘representative government’, ‘presumption of innocence’, ‘reasonable doubt’, etc.

    1. Isn’t Americans babysitting something like strapping kids into a minivan and driving into the ocean?

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