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  1. On the plus side, if she’s a hooker all she has to do is take one of those condoms off her lovely hairdo and she’s ready to go.

    1. Dear Ambrosia
      Be Nice, that’s Doralingis Mama… She don’t have a photos of Doralingis so she keep the used Condoms…..

    1. @Yoshi Kuni 111
      I’ll bet you want some to suck on….. Getting Wet… Thinking about the outside with Doralingis ass-o and the inside the love Juice of DanR….. STOP IT!!!! Fingering you Ass-o….. SICK JAP….

    1. If she’s Central American we have Rob Nunya’s true inventor of peanut butter. (You have to have followed the ongoing saga for this narrative…)

  2. You see, had the animals that so very irresponsibly defecated this genetic redundancy out of their loins, actually taken the time to learn how to properly use the cranial decoration (oh and the condoms too), perhaps the world would have been a tad luckier today.

    1. It could be a hybrid and probably has some coon in its lineage. Check out the hair though, no bb naps. The skin is dark, but not shit skin dark like nlggers usually have.

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