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  1. do americans even realize wiener is written wiener (just like bieber is so many times spelt wrong) it comes from vienna or wien as it’s called in german. weiner means someone who cries in the teary sense

    1. No, we get it, or at least I and most Americans get it. You pronounce the second vowel (e.g., Stein is “Stine,” and Stien is “Steen”). Do you get that it’s, you know, just supposed to be meant to be … funny?

    2. There is nothing funnier than Anthony Weiner. In Jewish/Yiddish circles, final -ein is frequently pronounced ‘een’, like (Leonard) Bernsteen.

    3. boontah thank god you were here to help sort through the riddle that is the word “wiener”. Now I can go into the world with confidence that if anyone asks me how to spell it? I got that shit.

  2. well at first lol’d because i cant spell or read properly….so then i franticly googled everything hoping to sound clever and do ya know what?… you’re all correct, the joke aint even funny

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