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    1. Maybe he’ll be a dentist someday.

      Doctor Glock
      “My Drilling Isn’t Painless, but it’s FAST”

  1. Holy B’Jesus epicfail, really!? It’s a toy gun. It’s not a fully loaded AR-15 or something. You need to wake up earlier than this.

  2. Epic fail; you are the same type of retarded that suspends kids from public school for them pointing their fingers in the shape of guns. IDIOTS.

  3. fail or not, she probably fails at other aspects of parenting like getting her kid to call every one night stand “daddy” and/or using him as a physiological weapon to get away with anything she can

  4. For future reference, next time you’re wildly googling to find the spelling of that big word you were trying to think of, look up the definition before pasting the first thing that looks like it.

  5. *psychological… sorry i coppy and paced the wrong one and didnt check it before posting lol thanks for the heads up

    1. oh, and i only use “big word’s” to shorten sentences…otherwise it would take me all day to copy and paste how i feel

    2. You take a few massive hits to the head recently? I don’t remember you being this illiterate before.

    3. sort of….iv just come off a massive drugs binge no joke…and its been a long time since iv read and written anything…the brain is a muscle, i will get better

    4. oh, thats what i was going to ask you..spib… i know its been a long time but could i borrow 5 bucks till friday?…ill suck you off…you sound like you need it

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