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  1. Yeahhhh…… whatever. Why beat a dead horse except to state the obvious, that this jungle nlgglet-chimp monkey turd should have been grabbed by its head pubes and dragged to the alley, then have its filthy little baboon head severed off and chucked in the dumpster with an apology note to all the other garbage in that dumpster, stating how sorry we all are for mixing that filthy shitskin with garbage; then, someone should have tracked down the nlgger and nlggress that shit this thing out and hung them off a tree.

    And all the other chimps just film and laugh. “Cayn’t do nuthin. He whyyyylin.” Ugh! Kill them all! Yuck-nlggs.

    1. I have to admit I came here just to see Rob’s comment about that little piece of worthless shit…

    2. My pleasure Dero!

      asd – take a few months off and go to a non-nlgger nation. See if you can get your brain to dry a bit.

    3. @Dero: Funny, I expected this to be one of those video on which Rob would deliberately NOT comment, cause… well, it’s WAY too easy a target…

    4. No thanks Rob. I like to live in a world where I im not so narrow minded and igrogant that I judge people by their skin color. 🙂

    5. When all the stereotypes are true, it’s not about judging people by the color of their skin, it’s stating the obvious… EF needs to add like buttons to comments btw lol, well said Rob.

    6. Sounds Like A Terminal Case Of Sour Grapes, The Old Can’t Beat Them Or Join Them! Grow Up Pansy

  2. 9+ minutes for this boring dreck? And with updated Flash now I can’t fix the aspect ratio which EF should’ve done themselves.

  3. Where the hell are that demon spawns parents? Then again, I wouldn’t claim him either. Spitting on people is disgusting.

  4. 1. The child has a higher education level than the single mom parent.
    2. Symbolic of a larger problem.
    3. It takes five villages and a tax base from white flight to raise a kid.
    4. How many other children did this kid assault during this rampage.
    5. Chuck E Cheese is for subsidized living only. If you pay a mortgage or full rent or have more than $200 in a savings account, just rent a bounce house for their birthday and a clown they can beat up.
    5. They only smile when they want something from you. Turn and walk away.
    6. Buy a wind-powered sea vessel so you can escape this sinking nation.
    7. Buy 16GB microSD card for your boost mobile phone so you can video the assault, shouting match, and arraignment 😉

  5. This is why we have so many murderers in this country!!! Raise your children people. I’m a single mom and my kid is on point. That sh!t was an embarrassment, but it was funny

  6. I watched all 9:20 mins of this just hoping to see that kid’s mother! I wouldn’t be surprised if she just dropped him of and left as if she was using chuck e cheese as a babysitter.

  7. typical..i tell ya im against abortion
    but this kids mom should have had one or better yet his mom and dad should have been aborted!! this is why i moved 40 miles from my work so my kids wouldnt have to go to school with those kind of people ..

  8. It’s funny that race was not an issue when that white trash little girl climbed into the claw game but when this black kid does it, the N-word goes flying. There are awful kids from every race.

    1. It’s even funnier that you’re acting like out of all of the kids who got stuck in claw machines every year, you’ve looked at every comment on every website and haven’t seen more people calling them dumb white americans than you have seen people here talking about this kid’s race (all ONE of them), even though that is clearly utter bullshit.

      Did you even watch this video? It’s not even close to the same situation anyway. This isn’t just some typically dumb kid trying to get a toy, this kid is an animal, with parents that are clearly bringing him up to think that that’s ok. He’s pretty clearly a much higher level of awful.

  9. anybody else getting an error on the video? It says “Error: Unsupported video type or invalid file path” and I can’t click the play button.

  10. Easy solution:
    – Look for an even more fucked up kid
    – let him slap the fuck out of the little shit.
    – pay with candy and action figures

    1. Damn it. I could always resort to just typing “check mark”? Kind of loses something though. Don’t you think?

    2. Here, just copy and paste. √

      (But don’t tell Keith Alexander. This sort of thing really upsets him.)

  11. Haha, Rob you’re a trip. The mother didn’t claim him because she was working on a hook up to find someone to father her 6th child to max out welfare.

  12. All the bystanders need their asses whooped for allowing it to go that far. It takes a village to raise a child, dammit. It’s past time we removed our head from our individual asses and stop letting this stuff slide because ‘It’s not my kid’. We also need to hold the parents responsible, it’s not ADHD, it’s lack of boot to ass.

    1. Nice sentiment, but honesty if you were there would you go physically restrain that kid knowing that his batshit insane parents would probably start attacking you right then and there and the whole thing would end with the police coming to pull you off each other and arresting everyone? You could easily find yourself facing charges for grabbing their kid too, depending on your luck. Who wants to put themselves in that kind of situation over some other moron’s kid? (unless the kid was attacking your kid or something, that’d be a whole different story)

  13. I saw this happen at a zoo once. That monkey had to be tranquilized. This whole event could have ended sooner with some fried chicken and a roofie. Put one spook of each sex in the smithsonian and kill the rest.

  14. Martin Luther King said ” I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but of the content of their character. ” His dream has obviously come true. This behavior happens every day at this age or younger X 1,000,000 across the US . His parents don’t care. He grows up in a environment like this his whole life with others who are the same and eventually they will kill each other over dope or money. blah, blah blah, same story over and over. the bottom line is they are hated not because of the color of their skin but because they are pieces of dog shit, sorry to any dogs I have offended. Im not racist. if they where pink and neon blue colored, I would still hat them.

    1. And I Guess When WHITE Idiots Walk Into A Grade School And Murder Children They’re Showing Their Superior Compassion And Intellect

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