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  1. This isn’t just edited. He’s obviously dubbed over the same words so they connect in sentences with normally pitched newscaster/rap hybrid prosody.

    1. Now wait, wait, wait, I kinda lost you there. I mean, I SEE what you mean, but – dubbed which words over WHAT? Or asked differently: Where’s the difference between that and clever editing? The thing is: “newscaster prosody” doesn’t really allow for a great change in pitch and tone. And “Rapper’s Delight” obviously lends itself to this kind of thing since – as typical of early Hip-Hop – the delivery of the lines is rather flat. If you ACTUALLY take a year worth of news programmes (even if it’s only one specific presenter they chose), I think that’s not too hard to achieve (albeit time consuming as fuck)

    2. There’s no question of the hard work that went into this, and yes, every single word you HEAR is a word that he spoke in the original. But in every sentence of speech the pitch of each word will fit into the overall pitch-envelope of the sentence. Once you start chopping them out and fitting them together with other chopped-out words from strings with their own envelopes, you’re going to get an up-down, down-up, normal-voice, creaky, breathy, etc. voice, jumble of words, completely unnaturally joined.

      This is not at all what we’re hearing here. The sentences and phrases have all the words fitting conformably within a normal rap-delivery envelope. One could argue that they are using pitch/tempo-bending functions that’s available on all sound-manipulation software, some of it very good, but the audio here is sufficiently good that you would be able to hear the subtle distortions that such bending is going to produce where the word is so out of place that digital artifacts are going to be audible as well.

  2. Danr why do we care about whatever it is your talking about.
    Did it make it less funny because they changed the voice( if they did).

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