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  1. Russian reversal as requested: In USA, when kid kick other kid he get time out and is sent home. In Russia, when kid kick other kid, he kicks knock him out and sends him flying all the way to HIS home.

    How’s that? Lame I know.

    1. It’s flawless, except on EF it’s obligatory to say “In SOVIET Russia…”. Don’t ask me why, it just sounds funnier.

    2. @danR: The “in Soviet Russia”-incipit was popularised by comedian Yakov Smirnoff (who’s originally Ukranian, which of course was nevertheless part of the Soviet Union back then) who also popularised the Russian reversal in general back in the eighties. Nowadays “in Soviet Russia” of course is a deliberate anachronism. It just sounds funnier.

      @Rob: No, that’s not how you do a Russian reversal, silly! But at least you tried.

  2. I’m curious as to what other outcome there could have been? He had a running start and was coming straight at him.

    1. He’s a black-belt. He knows practically from day 1 that a strike is aimed through the target, not at. Yet he raises the thing slightly at the last moment and also pulls it toward himself. The kicker is a black-belt and knows how to adjust mid-course in a split-second.

      What should have been a chest-touch becomes a blow to the throat.

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