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  1. Why even bother. These nlggers and their countless nlgglets do all the talking for me. Just look at the mini-boon. “Mah mammy dun gotz gettin dat welfay check’n sheet. So’z datz why be born.”

    1. A muthafuckn pale face Anglo Saxon money talking shit. You mad cause ill man got enough money to buy your piece of shit trailer home. Fuck you got damn meth monkey. All your white women love too suck and fuck big black dicks

    2. Oh no Rob, you’re gonna get that soccer mom, Geraldine what’s her face, all riled up again.

  2. a pale face anglo saxon monkey talking shit about a black kid. You mad cause lil man got enough money to buy your piece of shit trailer home

    1. Well, which one is it? A pale face Anglo Saxon monkey or a muthafuckin pale face Anglo Saxon money? We can’t be both, little willie.

    2. Everything this kid is wearing is shit you can find at Wal-Mart and you’re delusional if you think that’s a real stack of 20s. This looks more like a kid in his Halloween costume than a rich kid.

    3. White kids always aspire to be doctors, firefighters, astronauts etc, but this little sprog wants to be a nlgger when he grows up.

    4. Wow, willie, me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Get back to peeling lithium batteries and watching court tv lol.

  3. Disgusting – looks as though even if this kid DID aspire to something else his parents (or parent – there’s typically only one raising the offspring, right?) are going to try to be certain that will never happen. Perhaps they find it gratifying to the ego to see a little “mini-me” running around. Usually parents want to see their child do BETTER than they did. Hrm…maybe they WOULD consider that better than what they are…wow, just pathetic.

  4. Another welfare “lifer”. This is what white people’s paychecks help pay for everybody. The jigs think this shit is cute too. Better get many pictures while it’s young because it’ll be dead within 8 more years.

    1. Exactly.
      And these fucks think the white man is keeping them down. BULLSHIT! They keep themselves down.

  5. A black rafting guide??? LMAO that will be the day. The parents are in straight up denial at that point lol.

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