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  1. Fuck you up the ass Epicfail! Total cop WIN!!! Get ’em! Kill those nlggers before they hatch, swarm and eat all our crops. Laquaheesha there won’t be down long unfortunately. Through monkey-netics it’s mammy-boon passed on a pepper spray immunity to its runny anal sprout. The new nlggeneration are born with grape ‘drank’ flavored salivary amylase and a resistance to nlgger-bug pesticides. The only thing that works to stop these creatures is rope, lead and books.

  2. That reminds me. If your neighborhood has a nlgger problem, just tape pages from a literary masterpiece to the outside of your front door. To a moon cricket, that’s like a vampire falling headfirst onto a crucifix dipped in garlic oil on a sunny noontime June day. You’re welcome!

  3. I am no fan of the cops, but we are seeing this out of context. We have no idea what happened to make the cop spray her. For all we know she just spat at him 3 times and tried to bite him just before the picture was taken. Without the context showing why he sprayed her, there is no fair way to judge this as a cop fail.

    1. Yes, there is probably a perfectly good reason why he is pepper spraying a nine-year old. Maybe she said bum, or didn’t eat her kale.

    2. Sure there is. It’s called 5 seconds on google. This picture is from a peaceful protest in Brazil in 2011. This guy and another cop were spraying the crap out of everyone in sight for no real reason. This guy was reprimanded, relocated, and lost a promotion he was about to get over this incident. The end. You could have easily found this all out on your own if you were really interested in the facts.

    3. You can’t prove anything about the specifics of the incident from “something that you Googled”, sorry. While I agree that the cop was most likely out of line, nothing has been actually proven. It is a PICTURE, which is taken out of context, not a video showing us the ENTIRE EVENT. Take a picture at just the right moment and you can make something seem far different than the reality of a situation.

    4. Well, no, see, you totally can if you rub your two brain cells together and do some research of your own. I could copy and paste the links for you if it wouldn’t send my comments into an unknown amount of moderation time, in which case you wouldn’t be able to see the links anyway, but it doesn’t matter because you could easily find the valid news sources on your own if you really gave a shit, but you don’t. You’re just trying to beat a dead horse of a point that doesn’t even apply to this situation because the context you see in this particular case is not misleading in any way, and guess what? No one cares.

    5. LOL well you obviously care enough to keep replying to him, even though you claim to not care. And by the way, he is being the voice of reason, and you are obviously prejudiced. I just wonder if it is because you hate cops, or if you are black? Or possibly both? I would guess that you are the idiot from the way that you are just blindly attacking this guy who refuses to join with your opinion that a cop who sprays a someone is automatically in the wrong. Officers are not always unjustified for using force, and as you cannot possibly know ANYTHING for certain (which was all that dude was trying to point out) then YOU are the one without two brain cells to rub together, not him.

  4. ahh, i love brazil. the most racist state on earth. black hates white, white hates black and the mulattos hate both. why? because the mulatto hate his mostly white father that he left his poor black mother in the favela and his mostly black mother he hates that she gave him the dark skin color. the police is corrupt, the politicans are also corrupt and the whole system in the society is based on nepotism. the land is so unbelievable rich, but everybody steals from each other. sorry to say that but it is a fact. the blacks in brazil are lazy, the whites are corrupt and the mulattos are full with anger and hate that they behave like beserks and destroy everything.

  5. Someone should have maced that little ADHD boy who was running around like a wild animal in Chuck E. Cheese. That would have been a swell ending for that 9 minute video.

  6. Sorry dude, that was my brother, not me. It is ok to disagree, but can we please at least act like adults and use respect? I never called you a name did I? I even agreed with you in principle, and you still insisted in calling me names and implying that I was stupid.

    I could drop down to your level and point out your stupidity and point out that your post is all about opinion instead of facts which basically makes you an ass long before this, but I didn’t. I tried patience and tolerance and it only got me abuse. I guess with some people a slap upside the head is all they understand.

    So here goes… Get out of the trailer park dude, or the hood, or the project, or wherever your lower class lack of basic intelligence attitude comes from buddy, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by acting like an ass.

    NOW do you understand? Probably not. Honestly, I don’t know why I bother trying to reason with the less intellectually gifted. It rarely pays off. I should have taken the hint from the first rant.
    Good fight fool.

    1. So let’s get all this straight…it was your brother who replied, not you, but at the same time…you were agreeing with me in principle and trying patience and tolerance, even though it wasn’t you and you were AWFULLY offended by the names I called you, even though I didn’t call you any names and again, it wasn’t you anyway.
      Oh, well that makes perfect sense.

      And you’re going to show me how stupid anyone that uses insults must be by throwing a bunch of barely coherent grade school insults at me and pathetically jerking yourself off about how clever you are because you think that you’ve been using reason by thinking that being able to look up and verify sources on your own is a matter of opinion?

      And you wonder why you’re not treated with respect? Good luck in life, kid. You’re gonna need it…

    2. P.S. Please show me how done you are with this and above all this and how very intelligent you are by beating this old post to death with your whining for another week or so. That will sure show me.

    3. No, actually my bro commented, but it got removed. It was there, then it wasn’t. Nice try son, but you can’t bait me any further. I know better than to argue with a fool. I won’t even go into the argument any more with you. I already won, so there really isn’t any point is there?

    4. But you just came back for more already and I guarantee it won’t be the last time either. Thanks for proving me right and good luck with that self-delusion problem of yours.

  7. Wow the “racism” in this world is truly over I see not by the context of this picture but the statements that are displayed under it. The comments on this site need to be featured for some of them are the true epic fails.

  8. The racists commenting are the real epic fails. Its 2014, and you have issues with people that you don’t know. You hate them, and they don’t even know you exist. Unless you print money, create laws and don’t pay taxes, your part of “common folk” race, a 99%er, and that has no color! Wake up!

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