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  1. This is fake or he should indeed shut the fuck up. Because she sounds like someone mad enough at him to drive them both off a cliff.

    1. This it re this is Hawaiian trash at is best. This is big island Luna district I bet. The Hawaiians will put this lady into office next election thanks to this video.

    1. Yep. Had a great time with the racist anuses there. Just insane broke ass local meth heads and drunks that enjoy stealing boat motors and hitting tourists with tiny bats. Anyway not all the folks there are mean, but this chunk of human waste is a pretty solid example of their ghetto losers. They always smell REALLY BAD like a shrimp cake that doesn’t know how to wipe its own ass lol. Oh well. Glad he filmed it so she did not sue and put it up for all to enjoy. It is a shame really, but has always been like that with the attitude. Oh well, hope this keeps her off the roads for a while longer so we can be ready for her eventual road rage vid 😉

    1. This one was very slow to load; just like good ‘ol times. And EF has either reverted to its old video format, or after 3 weeks I’m already 1 Flash update behind.

  2. Wait , she was doing 70 on a 35 ?….which part of that anyone else didn’t get ? . Anyone one in a car with you doing that should be telling you to slow the F. down.

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