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    1. Oh and your comment was sooo witty. I put as much effort forth as you did. Which isn’t much. Please oh please teach me your trolling skills.

  1. I was once walking behind a guy with a piece of shitpaper stuck on the back of his pants. I decided I had to tell him. He thanked me very much. He walked further ahead down the street. He crossed the crosswalk, and turned right. Same direction as my destination. Turned left and went into the same BUILDING. Was far ahead and he got into the elevator. I took the next; but feeling weirded-out. Got out and went into my destination room. The guy was frikin’ THERE. We were taking the same course!

    1. I didn’t know what must’ve been going through his head. Like, “How many hours has this undercover creep been tailing me?”

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