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    1. I’m missing something absolutely vital here, I guess. The tags aren’t exactly helping me slap my knees either.

    2. I’ve seen these cake prank things before but this one just sucks ass. One of the tags is trolly? WTF? Just give me a damn banana and I’ll be on my way.

    3. I’m not even getting a cake prank. I’m getting nothing from EF’s famously useless tags. ‘trolly’ I understand as troll + y = trolly (adj. Pertaining to trolls, troll-like or trollish…) How troll is associated with prank is too vague for words. There are two balloons in the…OK…dog dish. Why? Is this a party-type ‘trolly’ thing. The balloons are switched out for an amorphous cake. Party-cake? OK, but WHY? There are vaguely pointy things shaped to the left of the (presumed) cake. The ear(s) of the mysterious ‘cat’ allusion in the tags? I’m not sure there are really 1, 2 or 3 ‘ears’. OK, so the ‘cat’ is in the dog dish (I have a friend with 14 dogs, so I’m familiar with dog-dishes but this style I’m not familiar with.

      I’m starting to get as long as Rob, so I may as well chalk this uploaded picture to brain-damaged, ‘humor’-challenged libtardery of the most depraved sort and leave it at that.

    4. Actually there are ELEVEN ears on this cat, so the cat’s head must be on the other end of the…um…’cake’. There’s no tail, so it’s a Manx cat. The ‘ears’ on that end are really tufts of fur. They are stuck together so the cat suffered from explosive diarrhea. Perhaps from eating the balloons. Water-balloons. Or more probably, the cat SAT on the balloons. Aha! I’ve solved it! The prank was on the cat. The cat sat on the balloons and they EXPLODED! and now its ASS-O is soggy…

    1. Never mind, I catch on to these misplacements. You were answering danR. Which is me, hey!

      These are mostly rescue-dogs. She finds homes for them.

    1. Someone forgot to shove a stick of dynamite in that upload and blow it to smelly bits all over the intertubes.

  1. who would eat a piece of cake out of that thing? It looks like a doggie dish!!!. Tape the balloon to a cake dish, decorate it as a baseball…something…come on man…fail times ten

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