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  1. It certainly is a spelling fail, but that fail seems like a whole lot of win when compared to Obama, a true “President Fail.” It was certainly an idea win.

    A dead, decaying rodent would make a more effective leader. At least it couldn’t anything at all and thereby not fuck things up. The stench would be worth tolerating instead of this monkey and his moo-bitch ape-wife.

    1. “At least it couldn’t DO anything at all…”

      See, also a spelling fail yet still a win by all accounts.

    2. I suspect you regularly fuck with George W. Bush. Right-wing reactionary faggot? Hm, delicate.

    1. If being antichrist means being rational, humanist, secular and being free from superstition, I’m proud to be antichrist too.

  2. if you believe in god and jesus your an idiot anyways, this just proves it. Or that the person is an under educated american, either way he’s an idiot.

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