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    1. Obviously its an american, obviously she would be fat and obviously shes dumb as fuck, like the rest of the muricans out there

    1. It is true. But because of so many dumbass airplane acts it’s gone from everyone’s memory.

    1. Maybe they landed the plane because the bitches fart set off a methane alarm and the masks deployed. Then again, maybe the match did. Who knows? The stank cunt should have gone to the bathroom to crack ass.

  1. EPICFAIL PRESENTS: A picture of an aeroplane… Seriously, are they even TRYING to find real fails these days?

    1. Hey, there’s only so many comments one can make about a lady on a plane letting one rip. That’s the first thing that came to mind! Lol The more you eat, the more you toot!

    2. For me fruit juice is the magical tart.
      The more I drink, the more I need to be careful and not shart.
      Just sayin’.

  2. When I was a kid people regularly smoked on planes. You see it all of the time in old movies too. One match should not force a plane to land. Common sense has gone out the window when it comes to airlines, despite the fact that they can’t roll them down…

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