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    1. Lol It sounds like he is spelling it like he learned in a slow class. Hooked on Phonics or something.

  1. The zoo now has a talking chimp. It almost sounds human. Come one, come all! Don’t feed it though. It is easily agitated and may mistake your kindness for aggression, not to mention that while it may look human it is actually still a wild nlgger and it only eats watermelon, fried chicken and other special dietary nig-munch.

  2. What a moron…

    Wait, calling that a moron would indicate that I considered it to be human. That is a sub-human intellect at work, so I guess it doesn’t qualify as human, does it?

  3. Ask a Nigra a simple question and they have to act all fucking stupid. Is it any wonder we want them all exterminating? Start with this nigra cunt

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