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  1. Just popped back to see if it’s better… Seeing a lot of FB fails featured in a chive thread last week… Poor form EF.

    1. I limit myself to one Fail site, or I’d never get anything done. Like studying for an astronomy final this afternoon.

      Part of the charm of EF is its awkward, blundering stupidity, its petty pilfering, its attempts to clean up its act, which only result in users with un-updated drivers complaining about videos, etc.

  2. This isn’t a FB Troll win. He failed to use a period at the end of his second and third reply. So while he(?) corrected someone else’s punctuation he failed to use the proper ones himself. It is a fail by the troll for failing to do the very thing he(?) was trying to correct the other person on.

    1. A period isn’t necessary if it’s not a complete sentence. And besides, the reason the person complained about the comma is because the lack of the comma completely changed the meaning or intention of the sentence, yet the daddy’s girl or boy still didn’t care. I would have unfriended them for being an overly emotional idiot.

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