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    1. Wasn’t aware that Obama created the public school system. You just get more idiotic with every fail troll post you attempt.

  1. Yes, the humankind is so ridiculous. We succesfully fly a massive rover from Earth to Mars. Then we turn its fucking camera to the evening sky to take a fucking photo of Earth from more than 50 fucking million km away. And then some fucking stupid ignorant idiots write shit like that. And what’s worse, most people on this planet are those idiots. Half the population of USA, the country that send the rover, are those idiots.

    1. @Spokk What’s more funny is when you have the audacity to talk shit about anyone’s intellect while being completely stupid yourself. I think I lost brain cells reading your post with its misspellings and improper use of words.

  2. I’m American and public school educated. The lower left corner says “*Photo from Mars Rover.” Judging by the comments posted though, I am very afraid for the future of my country.

    1. Those comments don’t bother me all that much. It bothers me that 50 million+ people were stupid enough to vote GOP in 2012, but a few kids not piecing things together on Facebook (if the screenshot is authentic) is no big deal.

      We should work harder and establish real education standards for the country (such as Common Core), but not everyone is cut out for higher learning.

    2. The public school system is totally screwed into a political bureaucracy, but the opportunity to learn exists. It’s always up to the individual, as it is the parents and everybody else.

  3. It’s called “Common Core”, kids. And you better get used to it. They’re only going to get dumber. Even I know you can look up at the evening sky and see only Venus, from my back yard, before any stars are visible. It makes perfect sense the view from Mars would be the Earth, yet these morons mistrust the very government responsible for their ignorance, so maybe there’s hope (and not the Obama kind).

    1. You conservatives are so fucking stupid. It hasn’t really even been implemented and common sense is not something that is taught in schools…especially in red states.

      At least we don’t have piece of shit moron conservatives like you running the country. The only thing they would learn is how to work at walmart given how much conservatives hate science and education at large.

      Blame yourself for the education short-comings of the US. The government, the Obama kind, is doing a pretty fantastic job. I believe the Mars rover missions are proof positive. Liberal physicists are smart enough to build such an instrument, land it on Mars and conduct experiments from millions of miles away. And yes, those NASA scientists and university professors are liberal as shit and most went to public schools. I know…I am one of them.

      Big deal if a few morons get things wrong on facebook.

      Also, you are a fucking idiot. Common Core is not a federal policy, it is a policy adopted by states on their own. Maybe you and the other tea-tards in this country should pull your tiny, underdeveloped heads out of your asses and study.

  4. Dear Eli,

    I doubt that a NASA scientist/university professor, like your good self (apparently, you have two jobs), :-

    A. Has the time to write ideological gibberish;
    B. Uses profane language in the public domain (you lecture at the University of Fuckwits ?? );
    C. Uses incorrect grammar with consistent Subject/Verb incoherences.

    and, finally,

    D. Notwithstanding the fact that your article could conceivably encompass certain concomitant benefits of a marginal and peripheral relevance, there is a countervailing consideration of infinitely superior magnitude involving some personal complicity and corroborative malfeasance. Unfortunately, although your article was indeed clear, simple and straightforward, there is some difficulty in justifiably assigning to it the fourth of the epithets applied to the statement, inasmuch as the precise correlation between the information communicated and the facts insofar as they can be determined and demonstrated, is such as to cause epistemological problems of sufficient magnitude as to lay upon the logical and semantic resources of the English language, a heavier burden than they can reasonably be expected to bear.

    Have a nice life saving the world Professor Scientist Eli 🙂

    1. If there were an award for the most masturbatorily over-written and blatantly thesaurus-mined pile of empty words around, I think you would have a pretty good shot at it.

    2. Allowing for localized word-class ambiguities in sintactic strings, I doen’t finds Eli’s grammer ungrammitacal. And I agree this place are EF, so who give fukc?

      King: JasonTroll’s name says it all, and the Australian pitch-drop experiment adds weight to the argument that “Glass is a liquid.”

  5. Just a professor. I do have friends at NASA though. NASA hires a lot of engineers…more so than physicists and biologists.

    I love profane language and this is epic fail, fuck grammar. That is what copy editors are for. That is all they are good for. They can’t comprehend the math and modeling strategies I and my colleagues employ to generate new knowledge. And this is fucking epicfail. Who the fuck cares…other than bitter assholes who hate themselves for not making better life choices.

    Gibberish? Refer yourself to your post. Everything I said is factual.

    Especially the bit about ideology and academia. While conservatives like you play pretend, I live in the resl world where my colleagues are leaving the US en masse because of cuts in science funding. Funding that is cut because conservatives like you are deathly afraid of knowledge. You people prefer beliefs and engage in ad hominem attacks on all of us who choose to dispute your beliefs with replicable empirical evidence.

    The world is beyond saving. So long as people like you populate this planet it is doomed. You care more about defending indefensible beliefs that recognizing that the empirical record does not support ypu claims. Like common core, it is verifiably not federal policy and you will be hard pressed to find university faculty yhat do not support it.

    Too many college students, the future of science and progress, are not prepared for a college education. They don’t know enough nor can they adequately reason. You are a prime example.

    So, fuck you. Study, stop believing amd start knowing. The smallest dose of logic is enough to show that the education model of the past is grossly inadequate if the UD is going to remain dominant. The status quo has been falling behind for years and stupid fucking conservatives like you are the reason why progress hasn’t been achieved. And, sorry to the lit majors, but literature and language studies don’t cure disease, fix the economy, reform political systems, save the environment, rtc. Language arts is a luxury study with no value added.

    1. You sound like you should know better than to expend this much effort trying to reason with someone like that!

    2. Yes, but when Oppenheimer quoted the Gita, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” it adds something to the context of science and engineering that an entire lecture on neutron-capture cannot quite match.

    3. While my primary concerns are research, every scientist is also interested in disseminating knowledge.

      I know that it is unlikely that anything will change that asshole’s mind, but I owe it to my profession and humanity to try.

      It is more worth it with a lecture hall full of students, but not everybody can get into my school. That does not mean, however, that they aren’t worthy of exposure to those ideas. In fact, we usually publish our findings in freely accessed journals and provide our data for replication…which is very different than the POS capitalists out there who withhold access to knowledge in the name of proprietary information. Ignorant dicks like Jake or Gary Busey’s Brain don’t know where to find that info (google scholar is a decent source), if they can comprehend it, and end up wallowing in ignorance, parroting talk-radio. This is wrong, on an existential level. Consequently, it poses us with an existential threat: tradition.

      Tradition will not save humanity. It never has and logically can not do so.

    4. danR: I hate this Oppenheimer’s quote, it is so over-dramatic. I know one better for this event. Kenneth Bainbridge said to Oppenheimer: “Now we are all sons of bitches.”

    5. I would agree if Oppenheimer had made it up on the spot. Quoting it from literature in a completely novel but pertinent context was brilliant, and shows (to me at least) that knowledge of literature is of some significance, even to scientists. I would further add that many scientists these days got their inspiration from such as Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke’s fiction, and I would include the lesser lights, such as Van Vogt, who had neither science nor engineering backgrounds as those three did.

      I will also more directly rebut Eli’s other point (although I think he’s laying on a lot of trolling, rather): without language arts—generically, not programmatically, considered— Einstein’s SR and GR would be available only in German.

    6. Eli, I respect what you’re saying but science has a lot of problems with itself. Two that I can think of right away; one is that it’s almost completely corporate woned and two is that like all orgs. it takes itself to seriously. So much so that advocates are religious about it. Science should never take itself so serious that it considers it’s laws are axioms. imho.

    7. @Doralingus

      Not be nit-pick, but you have the laws axioms bit backwards. And your right…but no real scientist treats anything as a ‘law’. We are always a paradigm shift away from learning we have been misinterpreting the universe. Ptolemy was wrong, Copernicus wasn’t entirely correct, neither was Newton. The day may come when Einstein is shown to be inadequate.

      This is not just limited to the physical sciences, but to the social sciences as well. Adam Smith was falsified over 100 years ago, but conservatives don’t study enough to learn that. Marx wasn’t entirely right, neither was Ricardo nor Keynes. They advanced our knowledge, but the day will come when new explanations predict all of their contributions and much more.

      Knowledge is inherently incomplete. True believers, like those conservatives above, neither recognize this fact nor want to move forward with figuring the rest out. They just want to play pretend and prohibit attempts to figure out the rest.

  6. “Especially the bit about ideology and academia. While conservatives like you play pretend, I live in the resl world”

    Huh? Academia is the “real world?” That is the biggest piece of nonsense I have EVER read on Epic Fail … there should be a Fail button for that alone.

    I won’t bore you with my credentials … as they need not be much. I will say that there is very little that is farther from the truth than the aforementioned though.

    Good luck moving abroad … if you can figure out that process. I suspect it’s a great idea for you … in theory. I also suspect the application of it will utterly confound you.

    1. You clearly have never worked in academia. It is far more meritocratic and competitive than the private sector. I would agree that community colleges and other low levels universities (those that are not research universities) do not have that going for them.

      Go to graduate school at a research university and start on the academic route…you’ll see.

  7. Eli, you’re a jizz guzzling, ball licking, salad tossing, homosexual, progressive liberal douchebag. NOBODY gives a FUCK what you think. So shut the fuck up and sit back down on obamas right hand, you sock puppet.

    1. Don’t hold back, mikey. I am not gay, but what is wrong with being gay? Are you inserting personal/religious values into this?

      I can play the name calling game, too. You are a stupid fucking conservative. Your hatred of difference is exactly why conservatism is on the decline. It is wrong and the US is wising up to the fact that conservatives of today are not all that different from the conservatives of the past: the Nazis, the Klan, Red-Coats, etc. You are scared of that which is different, and instead of coming to grips with reality you tuck yourself away into like minded corners and plot the destruction of humanity.

      A lot of people care about what I think. People like me stand for freedom and liberty. People like you, on the other hard, want nothing more than to oppress all of those who are different. You want to treat them as second class citizens.

      In the end, while I enjoy coming to this website to kill some time, my greatest joy is finding stupid people like you and bragging about how much better I am on so many metrics…then asking why you aren’t as successful as me. If you are so right about everything, why are you such a fucking moron? Why am I so much more wealthy than you? Perhaps it is because you are wrong and you don’t realize it.

      I am not sock puppet…you are the one parroting out right-wing hate-speech.

      I have to assume you are younger than I am (I am 73). I can only hope that when your generation governs, stupid fucking conservatives like you are left out of the process. It would be a fitting punishment. And it is looking more and more like that will be the case (after all, close to 70% of millennials are self-identified progressives and fewer than 15% identify as conservatives).

  8. Wow, this ended up getting a very long series of responses.

    I will chime in as well. As KingSpid said, Eli should know better. I agree with everything he has said, but he should know better than to expect a bunch of dumb-fuck conservatives to ‘get it’.

    I think the proof-positive of the account is something he mentions early on, but should have elaborated upon: the success of the Curiosity mission.

    While these know-nothing conservatives are harping on ‘the Obama education system’ (which in itself makes no sense since he has not enacted any education reform, Common Core is a state policy that nearly the entire nation has adopted without a federal law) the very fact that we have scientists carrying out missions like Curiosity is far more impressive than some idiot’s post on facebook.

    Conservatives aren’t going to get this…they just rail against everything they hate and don’t really stand for anything so far as I can tell. Don’t get me wrong, I have heard conservatives say they stand for things…but they usually negate that support with their rhetoric and other positions. For example, you can’t be pro-capitalism and against free-trade and the outsourcing of jobs. They say they are for local control of education then they oppose Common Core. They say they are for liberty and freedom then work to keep drugs illegal, ban abortion, and ban same-sex marriage. They say they are pro-laissez faire, but oppose immigration reform and science.

    Conservatives are just a bunch of reactionaries. They don’t really think about politics; they parrot out talk radio and Fox News, blindly I will add, without offering a shred of evidence or citing a single peer-reviewed study (again, they are anti-science). Just look at how these stupid fucking conservatives have reacted to Thomas Piketty’s new book…they haven’t read it, they probably can not read at that level to begin with, they just wrongfully dismiss it based on the assumption that it is not congruent with their ideology.

    Conservatism is the greatest threat facing the United States of America. They only was America will be #1 is if it accepts progress…not retro-version. Going back to Maybury is the fastest way to kill the country. Eli was correct about this happening now (the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have both covered this phenomenon in recent weeks). At no point in the post-WWII era have we seen so many scientists chased out of the US because of this anti-science conservative ideology. If it wasn’t for the progressive political system of the ’30s on we would never have been able to attract the Einstein’s of the world. Now, with budget cuts and all of this ‘small-govt’ nonsense we are seeing American PhDs leaving for greener pastures…and their contributions will not be “American” they are increasingly Swiss, French, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, etc.

    Nevertheless, this is material way over the unthinking heads of the stupid fucking conservatives who come to this site. Unlike Eli, these people still concern me. Up until recently these conservative idiots would have never even been considered for political positions…but with this fascist Tea-Party in vogue we are seeing more of these idiots make their ways into the Halls of government and threatening American from within.

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