Too Much Swag WIN



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  1. As a rational and mentally sane being, I cannot attribute any attention to or so much as consider trying to understand what the f*ck “swag” is or means. As for this video, I see a small, developing human male choosing to ignore the attention of a tiny nigglet-monkey in exchange for human attention. Just a normal kid I’d say.

  2. Good for him not feeding into her drama.. little bish.. Her pulling that other girl out of the way over jealousy was wrong. grow up and be a drama whore

  3. dudes dancing like the gingerbread man lmao. those are pathetic moves even for a kid. tinman motherfucka.

  4. He didnt dance with the black girl becouse she pushed the other girl down why does everyone make it racist im white but when a black person makes fun of me it isnt racist wow just wow

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