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    1. You get the video player of this site in Flash? I get it in HTML5. And this doesn’t work (obviously independent on Flash version).

    2. I’m saying he MAY need a Flash update, because that was my experience. Not only did the EF videos start running (after they renovated various things), but EF videos have never run so cleanly and quickly since I started here many years ago.

      I know it doesn’t make sense. It’s the only thing that’s been updated on this machine lately. Only the Air Canada Fail doesn’t run.

      I’ll try shutting off Flash and see what happens.

    3. I got a Flash blocking extension, and yes, it makes no difference. I’m puzzled that:
      1. The videos started running properly after the update.
      2. EF’s renovation made every video run smoothly for the first time since I started on EF, and has pranged so many other peoples’ experience.

      Perhaps if people clear their cookies. Perhaps that’s something I did (for some other reason), and forgot about it.

    4. OK, tried Firefox, which I don’t use very much. None of the videos play. Cleared cookies, turned off Flash (‘Shockwave’), turned it on. Still not playing.

      But Safari (this browser) shows only 337 on HTML5 test, vs 480 for Firefox. This is nuts.

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