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  1. The perfect twist of fate would be if “this bitch” turned around and turned out to be an extremely haggard transvestite.

  2. Nlgger parenting principles, nlgger priorities, and just typical nlgger behavior all in one shot. Nlggers are not a race but a species. Nlggers are in all, evolution fails and human fails.

    1. Yes Barlion, in this case it is known in the latin designation as Melanomephitis Obscuris-vulgaris. It translates roughly to “the common stinky-black” and it is unfortunately a quite accurate description of the species. The identifying attributes are uncontrollable and indiscriminate mating habits, living in filth among others of its kind, and living life as a parasite off of the leavings of Homo-Sapiens, a species that it resembles only in a few, superficial ways.

  3. I don’t see what’s so hot about that bitch.
    She’s got a fat ass, fat upper arms and what looks like rolls around her upper mid section. Plus, her elbows aren’t visible because of the extra cheese around them.

    Fil Wicked is most likely right on this one. It’s probably a dude.

    Rob Nunya is also correct.

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