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    1. Thus why men are better, they don’t get caught up in stupid shit like misspelling not. Now go make me my eggs women, don’t make me ask twice

  1. Am I missing something? How is this a fail? I’m sure she doesn’t think that it’s okay to use a laptop in the pool. The laptop fell in the pool, somehow, and she taking it out. Is it because she’s a young girl in a bathing suit? Who would find this fail-worthy? A 12 year old boy?

    1. if she just reached in to take it out of the water the ends of her hair would be wet. looks like she soaked 2 watches as well.

    2. It doesn’t say girl in pool fail. The fail does not refer to the girl. You have to admit that having a laptop fall into a pool is a fail though, don’t you?

  2. Why the fuck do you have to repeat yourself ? this picture has been here or in internet already years ago. Stupids

  3. Her hair isn’t wet. She’s definitely not retrieved it from the bottom of a waist deep pool. That said even teenage girls know laptops and water don’t mix. Ergo this is staged and was intended as flame bait.

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