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    1. I’m white, bitch. And it is called a typo.

      Man…you are one big racist piece of shit. I hope you die of testicular cancer and can’t pollute the gene pool of the future. the world would get along much better without hateful nazi conservatives like you.

  1. Just another, albeit small reason to hang faggots upside down from trees and set them ablaze. I’m kidding! You can just shoot them. No need to waste any time with ropes and trees and such.

  2. Allright Delaware! There is nothing more American than expanding liberty. Especially when it is under assault by conservatives.

    Though that raises another question? Has there ever been a time when retarded fucking conservativeso haven’t been persecuting minorities? Nope!

    1. One of core principles of any (social, political, religious) conservative ideology is the “right” to persecute based on tradition.

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