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  1. Just more proof that today’s libtarded fag-hugging society needs mass surgery to remove all the walking, talking, quasi human tumors that plague it. This ‘thing’ could have helped spur the growth of at least 3, maybe 4 plants or flowers if used appropriately as fertilizer, but instead it keeps on breathing.

  2. I honestly thought it looked more like a sex change failure. It looked to me as though that were a woman who had reconstructive surgery to resemble a man, with semi-successful results not unlike “Chaz Bono”.

  3. oh, that guy… seriously: All that money and just to make him look like MORE of a pussy – Just look at the 39,000 bucks he spent on fake muscle when 3 months of moderate workout will achieve the same result – really, for those puny pecs, abs ad triceps NOBODY would need more than three or four months at maximum.

    1. PS: To be fair, that’s assuming you start off as a lanky piece of human asparagus. If you’re a fat fuck, that’s an entirely different story of course…

  4. Seriously, it’s like he just looks gayer & gayer w/ each operation. Little faggot probably can’t even pick up a 35 lb. dumbell, much less workout w/ it.
    -Didn’t think I’d be the only 1 (other than “poopr” above!) to bring up actually Trying to WORK OUT for Real results. A Year membership at a decent gym nowadays is anywhere from $175- $450 or so. Idiots!

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