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  1. Damn it! He’s still alive. Well, maybe, hopefully, he’ll never walk again, but judging by that vapid shiteating grin, we aren’t so lucky. The dirt on those bicycle tires is of more use to the world than that fucktard’s life.

  2. The whole lot of them are useless. Cheering someone on to do something that could seriously injure themselves without any safety precautions. A similar “very minor” cycling incident almost almost killed me 25 years ago, and I live with the pain of the injuries still to this day, only I wasn’t screwing around to impress some slack-jawed morons, my injury was the result of a unseen manufacturing defect in the individual bike I was riding that threw me over the handle bars, what’s this guy’s excuse? “Duh, I’m a fucktard!”?

  3. Wow!! What a fucking retard. You can tell he was going to eat shit as soon as he left the ramp. He didn’t even take his hands off the handle bars until his face was about to make out with the road. People like this need to die from their injuries. Seriously.

    1. I was able to tell he was going to eat shit the second he started pedaling. Too bad Darwin didn’t take over here. He lives to do something much, much more retarded another day.

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