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  1. Parenting fail indeed. Skinny faggot jeans and an arm full of what I’m sure are very “meaningful” memorial tattoos, like when this he-she saved all those fags from a burning building. Good luck. With your child rearing – emphasis on “REARing” – skills, that kid’s foully saturated head will one day make daddy (2 daddies ?) proud by designing a swell dress for some European song contest tranny. Yay parents!

    1. Loads his front pockets with all his shit so his pants don’t fall down. What a faggot.

  2. I’m sorry but what kind of man puts a pair of tight ass jeans like that on each day. Get real. You look silly as silly gets.

  3. lol, so tight the wallet goes in the front pocket? What female would sleep w/this douche bag? I can read the coins in his pocket.

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