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  1. If this guy wasn’t such a pussy and learned some basic monkey-chokes, ape-stabilizing maneuvers, and a couple tree-beast neutralization techniques, he’d be a hero for humans. Nlggers are unpredictable, but they can smell fear with their flattened, extrasensory inhalation cavities and mouse brains that are only able to work through lymbic ape-brain stimulation. He should have thrown the Kool Aid packet away from him and had a KFC bucket under the table ready for unveiling at the first sign of an aggressive he-boon groid. That or a very long book, 20 pages or more with no pictures could have done the trick too. Library cards work just as well. Unfortunately a police badge they have adapted to and fear no longer when the head prosecutor is a big-nlg along with the prez-o-dent. Anyway, these sub creatures are hard to predict, but easy to stop. Amateur! That mongoloid shitskin wouldn’t have gotten beyond “Wha–” with me at the stand. It would have been choking on rope-burn pie within seconds.

    1. “…That or a very long book, 20 pages or more with no pictures could have done the trick too.” Bahahahahaha, I’m not a racist at all but man you’re a funny guy that’s for sure !! xD

  2. Funny how the black man complains about they guy being racist and goes straight to violence to make his point. What a dumb ass if you don’t want people to be racist don’t turn to violence.

  3. Ahh, the ghetto. Where the only flavor of Kool-Ade you need is grape. Shit man, this guy is a fucking genius. I am going to set up shop in a local coon neighborhood and make fuckin’ millions.

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