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  1. Parenting win? The “parent” can’t even speak clear english. Nigga this and nigga that, a mighty fine role model

    1. That parent is a complete failure sack of shit. Forget the lack of ability to speak like an adult, anyone who humiliates his child like that is a worthless punk fucker.

  2. Got to love ebonics.

    Let’s break this down, shall we?


    Now, let’s spell it like an educated human.

    Since my son wants to act like an adult while in school, i gave him a middle aged mans hair cut. I think that will teach him a lesson.

    See how easy it is when you aren’t a dumb nig.ger?

    1. Yeah, an educated human…

      Let us see Mikey:

      You began by stating that you were going to correct his spelling, but went on to also correct his grammar and insert your own personal edits to the message.

      It should be noted, you did not capitalize the “i” for “I” and you forgot the apostrophe in “man’s”.

      And even though the words “hair” and “cut” are correctly spelled, “haircut” is one word.

      Now, was that so difficult for an educated human as yourself?

    2. Hey Miggity. Semantics man. Everything thing did was correct except the i and the apostrophe. One of those can simply be chocked up to a typo. It is clear that the parent in this post is an uneducated idiot who should not be communicating with actual human beings, let alone having children.

  3. Thumbs up to you, Dad. Though some are quick to criticize your English, they overlook the fact that you love your son and want him to realize the fact that he needs to be disciplined. You should win Father of the Year.

    1. Are you serious? Humiliating a child in school will create lifelong psychological issues. Father of the year should be awarded to a father that both disciplines and respects his children. You sir, are not a parent and that is obvious.

  4. The fail is the parent who himself has not grown up and wants to act like a “gangsta”. The child is simply repeating the behavior he has learned at home.

    1. Indeed – couldn’t help but notice the “OG” in the parent’s screen name. I wonder how old this kid’s parents were when he was born? This is so disgusting – the only person who is a bigger idiot than this father is the person who thought this should be a parenting win!

  5. I don’t understand what the kid is beeing accused of. Is he getting punished for acting like an adult at school? If so I would’ve thought that acting like an adult would mean that he behaved himself and did his school work like a sophisticated person. What I get from this whole thing is that the father is somekind of retarded organgutan bullying his well behaved hard working kid. But then again I’m not an american and don’t really understand black people lingo.

  6. Did someone just say this would cause physiological issues ? Haha the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. This is discipline and though it’s out of the ordinary the child will realise the ramifications to his actions. Call it what you want but you Americans hardly have a foot to stand on criticising the actions of the parent. The school shootings, endless young killings, children being disrespectful to elders. Perhaps this parenting philosophy is a better solution to the one that is currently at present. Clearly one doesn’t work while the other is untested but what can’t be ignored is a need for change.

  7. That’s kids a bitch just shave the rest off lol I shaved my head going into freshman year because I didn’t give a shit, plus being bald feels nice

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