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  1. This Jason person, I guess he’s the EF admin or whatever, seems to be as sharp as a decomposing smelt. I’m guessing he was raised by similar “parents,” thus the 9/10 wins that are actual epic fails. I haven’t a clue what these, and many of today’s egg-layers are raising, but real parents sit down with their kid in a study environment, and against all pleas for cosplay and fun, instead make them read and study and learn how to concentrate and work their little minds, which are until the age of adolescence, pure info sponges and the only time when a parent will really have a true chance to shape their kid into an intellectually superior adult in the future. Math, history, literature, more math, more history, etc. No talk of nlggers being equal or women being the same as men, no babble about sex or faggots or their feeeeelings, but working to make a mindful adult out of an innocent child.

    But no, apparently THIS is good parenting. Y’know what? Good! My kid will own that kid and any kid raised by these types of “parents.” Less competition.

    1. Thanks for making me proud son. If I was around more maybe you wouldn’t be such a punk bitch in real life, thus you wouldn’t try so hard to seem like you’re not when you are online…

    2. While you are here spewing your ignorance, people like that actually go out into the world and do things with their kids. Perhaps if you could fit a belt, or a pair of pants for that matter, around your rotund posterior you would know what the outside looks like. But alas, you must rely on this website for your knowledge on things not in your moms basement. Also, maybe if you weren’t so afraid of change and advancement you wouldn’t be so threatened that people like this, who are having fun with their child, are actually good for the world. But I guess you wouldn’t understand what that is since your parents, oops sorry; PARENT, probably fondled you too often to let you know what real love feels like!

    3. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned” Buddha

      Be careful the things you pass on to your kids, friend.

  2. Rob, you’re a massive prick. Your kid is more than likely going to end up sat on a porch drinking out of a jelly jar while his sister blows his balls.

  3. Hey, Jason’s actually right for once. Great cosplay idea! Providing it’s Halloween or Comic Con or something.

  4. This is my family and my son is awsome. He was two in this picture wich was last Halloween Me and my son love pokemon. So my awsome husband decide that we should all dress up. Yes I read with my son he’s 2 1/2 . He can count to eight knows colors and can speak in 12 sentences but other that keeping him in a box of learning I also take him out to learn from the world, and it’s bullies.

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