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    1. @2lolo – wow that was a back handed compliment. What you said basically sounded like “This is awesome because women usually aren’t as good as men. This is priceless.”

  1. I want to know why the baby is wearing a foam “helmet”. It makes me wonder how many times she has fallen down while holding the kid before this, her first actual catch EVER, and gave the poor kid multiple concussions.

    1. Helmets are often used to treat brachycephaly in children. They are also used for numerous other medical purposes.

    2. Actually, I out of random knowledge know about this. Basicly some babies can be born with a mishaped skull at birth. But because their bone are so weak you can use this kind of helmet to shape it as it should be. Just look it up on youtube.

  2. That is a helment for kid with special conditions like skull deformations, not for kids with accidents or kids that have fallen

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