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    1. So if he were wearing a bicycle helmet, and smashed his cheekbone to pieces the same as he did without it, then you would feel sympathy for him? That doesn’t make sense.

  1. Now epicfail is saying he knocked himself out cold, but there’s no proof it’s just a knockout. I know hoping for the best is just that, nothing more than simple and unlikely hope, but I still have my fingers crossed, cautiously optimistic that it was death. Oh please-please-pleeeeease be dead! Please!!!

  2. Honestly, I have to say that even though these tricks look really cool if you pull them off, they are totally NOT worth it.

    The injuries and cost in equipment that you incur just learning how to do this stuff is a waste of time, money, and insurance bills for everyone.

    Yes, when people use insurance as often as these idiots do, they drive EVERYONE’S rates up due to the insurance massively overpaying on a few fools. This is especially true about fools like this one, who wear no pads or helmets and risk much more severe injury. On top of this they will probably sue whatever property they were illegally doing tricks on because they got “injured” on their property and win the case.

    Sorry for the rant, but I really don’t suffer fools gladly.

  3. This guy is lucky his friends didnt rape him, In that condition they could have easily pulled his pants down and each had a go on his anus. Seen it happen before, just saying.

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