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  1. Amazing how acute libtardism can literally dry the brain out to a crispy chewed piece of bubble gum and yet the being can still show somewhat human like functions, walk, talk, and even perform certain daily tasks. This thing would make a great slave.

  2. Those stupid eyebrow tattoo’s SOMETIMES look ok from a distance of more than 10 feet, but they NEVER look good close up. They are creepy and they weird me out, and even on otherwise attractive people (that is SO not the case here) they make me uncomfortable at best. I could never hang out with, or hire anyone who had the bad judgment to do something permanently disfiguring and embarrassing like this to themselves.

  3. What happened to men? Like REAL men…ones who have bushy unkempt eyebrows, and chop wood and do other manly things!? I hate today’s society.

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