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  1. Another anecdote from a country where half the people do not know basic facts. I know 8 years old kids who know in concept how microwave owen works and what a phone is made of.

    1. You love ad hominem, don’t you?
      And you are wrong. My country is considered very highly developed in terms of HDI, scoring higher than USA in inequality-adjusted rank. It also has one of the smallest portions of population in poverty and endangered by poverty in the world. We are also one of the the least religious countries in the world, which is another measure of society’s development level. We have fully available high quality health care. And we do all of that with not much natural resources, half the american GDP per capita, being hindered by 2 world wars on our land and 40 years of involuntary totality and economic isolation in recent century. So fuck you, moron.

    2. Hmmmm, making an assumption about the nationality of the person that did this? You are as bright as the person who did this. And yes, this is an Ad Hominem attack, but you were the one who started with a red herring fallacy. Touche, bitch.

  2. Did you know that today Doctors can “FIX STUPID”??? But when they tried to “FIX STUPID” with NIG.GERS… They came out DUMB……

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