10 Million Dollar Boat Launch EPIC FAIL


People Fail

On her maiden voyage, a 90’s long Northern Marine expedition yacht sank at the dock. With at $10 million price tag, that’s gotta sting.

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  1. That was a flawed design. It stuck up way too far out of the water and did not have enough weight and distributed ballast in the bottom of the boat to keep it from tipping over easily. Those damn “yachts” are priced far more than they are worth anyway. They are basically a trailer which floats on the water. They are not that luxurious. They are not even well designed really, because they are more about show than performance, and they tend to sit in dock far more than they are used for getting from point A to point B. Mostly they are just one more toy for the people with more dollars than sense to own and brag about having than anything else.

    1. You are obviously a fuckin’ idiot.
      NY is a company that has a proven track record for designing and building multi-million Dollar yachts. But this one they fucked up from day one at the design table?!?! And no one has noticed throughout all these years it took to build the damn thing?!?! But YOU in your infinite wisdom have assessed from a 5 second video that everyone at NY is apparently incompetent.

      Go back to beating off to gay porn, and stop providing your idiotic ‘expertise’

    2. Well Pete, the boat tipped over so I’d call that a design flaw… Obviously Magi has a point.

    3. Hey “yacht expert” Piete, who is this NY you keep referring to? The name is Northern Marine which would make it NM, not NY. In addition I never claimed expertise, I made a simple and obvious observation based on physics and what actually occurred.

      You are the only keyboard warrior gone apeshit here, as you are blindly defending their screw up for your own reasons. We are just commenting on the obvious. If I see someone run a red light and he gets hit should I wait for the investigation to conclude that it was his fault, or is it ok for me to go ahead and figure out the obvious on my own. Same thing here. As it was lowered into the water, it immediately tipped over. It was top heavy. You do the math. Good fight son.

      P.S.-Also, why capitalize the word dollar?

    4. One more thing, Piet? It doesn’t matter how many decades of success or what track record they have, ANYONE can screw up. This time was their time. Mistakes happen to the best of us. We deal with it.

  2. Maybe I don’t get the vernacular, but it didn’t look like it sank to me. It tipped on its side. And, if the design is ok, why don’t they just tip it back up?

    1. I’ve never claimed to be a yacht expert. I only claimed that NY are yacht experts with decades of experience of doing exactly this.

      As the video said, there is an investigation that will conclude the reasons for the accident. They yacht expert on TV said it would unfair to speculate what went wrong at this time.

      But a bunch of keyboard warriors have already gone and concluded from a short video.

    2. I think it’s reasonable to say that if it tipped over so easily on first launch, and no one saw immediately anything that was done wrong with the launch technique, that it’s a flawed design. I mean, what else are they going to come up with?

  3. When you design large top heavy boats ( as you can clearly see in this one) you need to factor in how the boat will be launched and relaunched after repairs..scheduled maintenance..etc.
    The designers perhaps didn’t factor into additional ballast and center of gravity during this type of “roll-down” launch.
    A launch crane/gantry might have been best here.
    The days of sleek minimalist yachts are now favored by these “fat” multi story- lots of spaces, more bedrooms, more this…more that and packed into a footprint that makes them a bit too top heavy IMHO.

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    2. Yeah, I’m really happy for ya. Just make sure your “reassigned” dick is long enough and girthy enough to fill that pussy face of yours. Congrats.

  4. Couldn’t anyone see from the 15 degree list that they should have pulled the damn thing back up BEFORE it rolled over?

  5. I could have built a pile of shit just like that for less than 1/4 of the money. What a fucking ripoff. And mine wouldn’t have sunk until it was out to sea.

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