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  1. I can’t stand it when parents think humiliating their children is fun… it hits hardest when you’re a kid!!! Awful.

  2. Parenting fail for sure. Poor kid is getting toilet trained and fails in and parent decides to take a picture? Shouldn’t be a parent in my opinion

    1. Why would you say such a thing !? Rob’s comments are the best, get on his level you libtard piece of shit…

  3. Because getting them smaller seats that fit right over the normal seat is such a hassel, better have this happen and the kid will never be potty trained

  4. Once again, stupid asshole motherfucker shit parents who mock their child’s anguish. Any parent who doesn’t immediately rush to pull his child out when he falls into the toilet and is in pain and terrified, let alone pulls out his camera and takes a picture, deserves a kick in the teeth.

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