How To Waste $55,000 (FAIL)


People Fail

Rednecks with paychecks jump their Ford Raptor 90 feet and completely destroy the truck. They hit the jump at about 60 mph and way over shoot the landing.

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  1. These cunts obviously don’t know elementary school Newtonian physics (they were probably taught creationist bullshit instead). Science works, bitches!

  2. Those trucks are complete shit to begin with. And this fucktard thought it would be built just like a real off-road truck. HA!

  3. Still better than what nlggers and splcks do to their trucks when drug sales are good. Meanwhile, Spokk up there would like all of you to know that he took 1st year physics… REALLY! He did. If you don’t believe him just ask him. He is “smart” you see. Would never have known had it not been for him terminally repeating his deep understanding of… 1st year high-school physics. Congratulations Spokk, you’re older than 16 and have not dropped out of school. Now read another book, preferably one that teaches history. Btw – Einstein was religious. Don’t let your head explode.

    1. Posting makes complete sense other than to an idiot. Racist? Was that supposed to somehow offend me? But just to be clear I am not racist. One can’t exemplify racism against non-humans. Not sure what that would be called, um, specie-ism? You lefty, pinko, drooling, null-skull, mental marshmallows have so many isms us rational folks can’t keep up. Either way, kill yourself. We can use the fertilizer to offset taxpayer subsidized costs to heat urban ape dwellings. Then you would have enough money left over from your drive-thru attendant job to get an education and learn how to interpret sentences and paragraphs properly, so as not to repeat the same intellectually inept comment you just made.

    2. Not that stupid fallacy, please. Einstein was at most vaguely borderline deist/pantheist, today would be definitely considered an atheist. He ridiculed organised religion. Read his letter from 1954
      If you want to give an argument from scientist’s religiosity, use e.g. Georges LemaĆ®tre, astronomer and catholic priest. But in the end, this argument is stupid anyway, because science is by definition independent of a scientist’s opinions. If a religious scientist plugs any of the bulshit in the science, the science becomes automatically invalid, because including personal convictions is in direct contradiction with the method. I have no problem with scientists who have double-think issues and unbroken childhood indoctrinations, as long as they do not try to push their stupid religious beliefs in and claim it is still valid.

    1. If you think there was no frame damage after that landing, I know someone with a F-150 raptor for sale.

  4. I would love to know what they thought the outcome was going to be. Most people don’t understand the fact that you can’t jump stock automobiles. The real world is not The Dukes of Hazard.

    1. Higher brain function from rednecks? impossible.

      Most likely done to try to impress an attractive cousin in hopes of getting lucky later.

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