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  1. Brazilian “MAN?” Ha ha ha good one. Faggots aren’t even to be considered a close relative of human, let alone this THING being a male of its species. They aren’t even useful dead, to be used for fertilizer, because who knows what kind of horrific diseases would linger in their worthless, rotting corpses.

  2. @Doralingis
    Now that Medicare will cover “Transgender Reassignment Surgery” Why, Why do you want to look like a Korean Ladyboy?????

  3. Well, korean girls really get wet for western blonde boy, if he´ve just gone to Korea looking exactly the way he was, blonde hair, blue eyes, he´d have more pussies than he can fvck.

    1. Now, he is just a wetern guy looking like those asian guys trying to do whatever it takes to make them look like a western guy.

    2. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that he’s never even wanted to see a pussy in his whole life.

  4. He probably did this to himself because His penis was so small that he had to get surgery to look Asian so he could blend in 😛

  5. Im just surprised it only cost $3,100. A million dollars plus in plastic surgery and michael jackson was missing a nose

  6. been reading these comments and its because of this shit that he didn’t put his family name what evil people you assholes all are =\ you should be ashamed that I’m a human like you people (excluding Justin only person who actually didn’t be a dick)

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