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  1. The lib disease spreads everywhere, even to third world shitholes. Any fag on a bicycle in the middle of the road deserves to be run over.

  2. I agree with both above posts.

    I hate these faggoty, douchebag, bicycle short wearing cocksuckers that insist on riding their bicycles in the middle of the road; holding up traffic, just to be the self centered assfucks they are. Not one of those egotistical pricks obey the traffic laws either. They roll right through stop signs, traffic lights and expect you to move for them.

    Every one of these cocksmokers deserves to get run the fuck down by a God damn dump truck.

    1. And you hate even more that cyclist who is faster than cars in city traffic, right? Because you can’t do it. Your fat lazy ass disables you.

  3. Mikey and Rob you two have so much hatred in every single video comment, Im still amazed how your heads hans’t exploded yet out of anger and bitterness

    1. They do just hate. Every video. Hate. Rob Nunya must be a very depressed person Miley too.

  4. He got what he had coming to him. If he had fallen over and had the car traveling next to the bus run over his head it would have been better though. The ass-wipe needed that lesson and only got what he deserved. Good job bus driver!

    1. i donno id say that could count against the bus drivers insurance as an accident thus getting his ass fired haha that was glorious though when he realized his rim was not round anymore haha The fuck do you even call about auto accidents in a place like that

  5. im pretty sure i woulda had my head out the window like a pitbull in heat haha and as soon as he decided to go slow enough to run up to throw his ass off the bike and throw the bike lol

  6. Buds driver shold have utterly mangled the reeking hippie’s bike and then given the c u n t a good smack in the mouth. Serves the f u c k e r right for being a dick in silly clothes and thinking he owns the road….

  7. Some asshole tried that here in Buffalo a few years ago, until OTHER motorists got out of their cars and beat the ever living FUCK out of the libtard asshole on the bike. And wouldn’t ya know it…HASN’T happened since!

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