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  1. This is why you don’t use those dumb ass roller leashes. The purpose of a leash is so you can maintain control over your dog not so you can let him run off and do as he pleases for a few meters.

  2. Hmm, that bitch must be a uhmerican.
    Only those ppl r retarded enough to do stuff like this.

    I say, hang her up!

    1. Every time you waste our time with your redundant stupidity it tells us all we need to know about who you are.

    2. Making fun of Americans. We are still the most powerful nation on the planet, probably in the galaxy. Keep making your stupid little troll comments. We still own your sorry little ass, wherever you’re from. Probably to chickensh!t to tell, too.

  3. What do you mean at least there was someone to help . .. this guy’s just as retarded , yeah I’ll just pull the elevator back down with this leash oh no my eggs… why didn’t I fucking put them on the ground and try to deal with this shit first…oh god the humanity…. now my fucking $500 brunch is ruined

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