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  1. I remember a time when the world would envy the brains of the Japanese — and then came libtardism! Now, it’s almost like Japan is San Franpsycho dipped in a schizophrenia’n ass-head fondue sauce. And here I was almost feeling bad for that whole nuclear meltdown, earthquake thing. Idunno, now I’m thinkin’ maybe it was some higher intelligence aiming for the bullseye and instead hit the outer 6 on the dartboard. The aline said, “Shit!” but we all got these cockheads as pacific neighbors. Just a thought.

  2. Rob is ruining my enjoyment of looking at these Fails. Rob is so polarised by two party politics and petty name calling he literally makes me dumber for reading his redneck nonsense.

  3. I don’t see why this a fail, it looks like a dessert pizza. It says strawberry cone pizza with white kitkats

  4. yup a dessert pizza, and even the kitkats are non-standard, they’re the baked pudding flavor (you actually have to toast them in an oven)as for rob’s issues? well we all can’t be free thinkers can we? someone needs to be a corporate zombie drone. ‘merica by the corporation for the corporation!

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