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  1. Looks like the Rolling Stone Magazine sent its best photograohers to some nlgger rapper’s house again. Although that could be Bill Maher hiding behind there. An asswipe if I’ve ever seen one.

    1. You know, for someone having the balls to call someone else an idiot, you certainly write like you are a few brain cells short of a room temperature I.Q. Try using correct grammar when you attempt to insult anyone else’s intelligence, OK?

  2. at first the comments from this rob and mikey were disturbing to see such ignorance from people who willing open themselves to the worldwide web in an open form like epic fail but i honestly dont believe it comes from a place of hate but only from a misunderstanding within themselves, they obviously have a deep seeded admiration for ethnic groups but due probably to their uneducated parents were skorned for expressing themselves as many homosexuals in recent times. The point im getting to is you and a few others that like to comment similarly even when someone of ethnic decent isn’t in relevance leads me to believe you all just need help in acceptance within yourselves to release yourselves unto your desires of having a strong black male inside you… Todays world is changing and is becoming more excepting of people of all types even like yourselves theres no need to spread misery because your afraid of your own happiness

  3. Man, I love coming to epicfail sometimes. Seeing Rob and mikey and their comments is actually kinda refreshing after I’ve slogged through the SJW bullshit my friends post on tumblr. As for you, Confusious, you clearly haven’t spent enough time here. The comments here are tame from what I’ve seen.

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